On Sunday June 3 2018, the 3,763m tall volcano Fuego, erupted. On its slopes lay several towns, one called San Miguel Los Lotes was buried under a pyroclastic flow, that traveled at 700 kmph. The burning dust burned and suffocated hundreds of people in San Miguel los Lotes. The ensuing days, thousands of people sent help to the survivors and the displaced. To this day, 27 of september, victims of the eruption are still being buried. 
Mildred Josefa Morales, 6.
Darlin Morales, 18.
Wilson Alfredo Calachij, 14.
Nery Otoniel Gomez Rivas, 17.
Antonieta Soto Ruiz, 44.
Lorena Barillas, 22.
Juan Fernando Galindo Hurtarte
Eric Rivas, 20.
Maria Magdalena Zelada Soto, 72.
Natividad Tuchan Ramirez 64 
Maritza Nij de Dávila
Celia Hernández
Maria Leticia Pernilla Gil, 53
Aura Yolanda Perez Paz, 17
Alexis Chavez García, 9 months
Armenia Bucú Lopez, 59.
José Fernando Paz, 60.
Julia Graciela Pérez Paz, 13. 
Maria Luisa Paz Bucú, 38
Mildred Paz Bucú, 18.
Marivel Paz Bucú, 24.
Marcelina Paz Bucú, 30.
Catalina Paz Bucú, 34.
Yuri Marleny Toma, 25.
Telma Paz Bucú, 21.

The names of the people whom I attended their burials. 

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