Guatemala's only mental institution, Hospital para la Salud Mental Dr. Federico Mora, open since 1983 afer joining two separate mental institutions, it has started a renovation process after the BBC made an insigder investigation. The hospital has new bed sheets, cleaner floors and all the make up.
As a mental institution it's been lacking correct service since the very begining. But after being in other public health institutions it takes me to no surprise. This is just a stone in the pyramid of tyrany and horror that this country has built. 
Underconstruction, renovations are going within the insitution, the workers interact with the patients freely. 
Bathrooms are separated by only a small wall.
the face of one of the patients has been darkened intentionally to avoid showing his identity.
One of the "chambers" in which an inmate is held during a psicotic attack. 
Inside Federico Mora
Traces of a fire made probably by police. 
Police and Guards are present inside the institution as it also houses offending criminals with altered states of mind. 
The main "court" the basketball court is filled with patients lying on the floor probably sedated. 
The mentally ill are usually left to their luck inside the institution by family members. 
The entry of the Mental Hospital.

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